Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Creatine supplementation


Q: How much creatine should be taken?
A: Though many recommend 5g of creatine before workout, research have shown that 3g works perfectly fine for a 200pound athlete.

Q: When should creatine be taken?
A: The most common recommendation is to take it pre-workout, but recent research have pointed out that post-workout supplementation works better.

Q: Is creatine safe?
A: Yes, it is 100% safe. Diarrhoea and cramps have been reported in some creatine users, but is no cause for concern. The cramps are probably caused by the osmotic properties of creatine, just drink more water.

Q: Do we take creatine like protein, all year round?
A: Our bodies are often quick to adapt, therefore it is our personal recommendation that you cycle it equally. Perhaps one month on and one month off. The body does not become desensitized to creatine, as it is naturally occuring. Instead, the cells which draw creatine into your cells may become desensitized. Therefore cycling is similar to giving them a break.


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